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Decision to strengthen striped bass populations is applauded

Striped Bass protection

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission voted unanimously to improve management strategies for Atlantic menhaden, by requiring consideration for the small baitfish’s impact on fish up the food chain. Economically important sportfish such as striped bass rely on healthy menhaden populations for survival. After recreational anglers weighed in, the Commission adopted the new ecological management system, which considers the needs ...

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Virginia lawmakers introduce fish conservation bills

Virginia State Senator Lynwood Lewis and State Delegate Ken Plum introduced two bills (SB791/HB1448) that would require the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to adopt regulations necessary to manage Atlantic menhaden. In response, NMMA applauded both pieces of legislation, calling the measures critical in the fight to protect forage fish. In December, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross issued a decision ...

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