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Disrupt the customer journey

The customer journey is a popular topic of discussion in the world of digital marketing. These days, it’s not as simple as someone seeing a boat ad in the newspaper and coming into your dealership to purchase it. The constant connectivity that our digital world creates makes it easier to reach prospects and customers, but also requires more strategy and ...

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Target online prospects based on behavior

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a powerful strategy to reach customers. Targeting capabilities within platforms like Google are advanced and specific, allowing you to pinpoint audiences that are likely to be in the market for your products. However, online users don’t stay on a search engine forever. It is just the first step they take before visiting the website they ...

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Hitting the target with social media ads

Advertising for your dealership on social media is a smart and strategic way to grab the attention of your likely prospects. As a local business, you have an even higher chance of targeting social media users in your area who may already be in the market for a boat. Social media ads are a low cost/high impact method of advertising, ...

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Google rolls out Smart Goals for advertisers

Google AdWords is a helpful tool for attracting more web customers, and the newest addition to the platform makes it even more effective. Google launched Smart Goals a few weeks ago, which is intended to attract site visitors who are more apt to purchase something. The program uses machine learning and Google Analytics data to help businesses recognize site visitors ...

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Investment in digital media sparks rewards

When attempting to reach new buyers, marine businesses need to be where those customers are rather than stay where they have always been and hope new customers show up. Robalo Boats knew this when launching its new 16-foot walkaround center console and decided to find a unique way to reach those people. Robalo launched the R160 on social media as well ...

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Save money on Google Adwords by boosting your Quality Score

Paid search is a wonderful way to precisely target your prospective customers, but it’s not exactly the most intuitive way to advertise. All those menus, all that jargon and piles of competing advice make getting an ad online a bit of a headache for the uninitiated. But before you start targeting, grouping keywords and running campaigns, there is one big ...

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