KONG Coolers KONG 50

In a world full of roto-molded coolers, USA-made KONG Coolers from Elkhart Plastics is a relatively new player in the game. However, after putting the KONG 50 to the test, you’d think they’ve been making coolers forever. That might be because the company has been building heavy-duty equipment to withstand harsh conditions for quite some time.

No details were left overlooked when it comes to the KONG Coolers. With a 64-can capacity and 47.7-pound ice capacity, the KONG 50 offers ample space for every day use, but KONG is sure to offer more sizes both above and below the 50-quart.

At full ice capacity, KONG advertises the ability to maintain solid ice cubes for up to 10 days. Our tests fell spot on for ice retention at 10 days, impressive for maintaining ice for over a week in a variety of weather, including a couple of 75-degree and above days.

Where the cooler really sets itself apart is the lid’s ability to open a full 45-degrees when pushed up against a wall, without moving the cooler at all. The top-down pressure latches also impressed us with ease of use, while keeping a tight seal.

KONG also offers a modular system inside the cooler through the use of form-fitting dividers, providing the ability to keep items dry and cold at the same time. Along with the dividers KONG offers a variety of extremely useful accessories such as an attachable bottle opener, cutting board and Krush Guards to save fingers in the event of a lid falling. The only additional accessory we’d love to see is some form of wheeled device for easier movement, as the coolers can get quite heavy when fully loaded.

KONG may be somewhat new to the cooler game, but the company is pumping out a product that will stand the test of time (and any bumps, drops, etc. along the way).

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