ANGLR Bullseye Bluetooth Fishing Tracker

Plain and simple, the ANGLR Bullseye is the fishing tool most anglers didn’t know they needed. This Bluetooth fish tracker from ANGLR has the ability to record catch locations, conditions and time, as well as set editable way points to an online profile using a small, wearable clicker.

The Bluetooth clicker is rated IP54 weather proof and can clip onto a hat or clothing, be worn on a lanyard or stuck anywhere on the boat, keeping your phone or other corresponding electronics safe and dry in your pocket or boat storage.

With the free corresponding ANGLR logbook app and relatively low cost of the clicker, the Bullseye offers an affordable interface to track fish habits and fishing locations, that is ready to go right out of the box.

On top of affordability, we were glad to find how easy the clicker and corresponding app is to use. Click the Bullseye once to record catch locations, conditions and more, and click twice to mark a smart waypoint. Recordings and information were easy to find and read once in the app.

The only mark against the Bullseye in our view is its single-use battery. Despite being rated for a two-year battery life, we’d like to see a rechargeable battery. However, with its low price tag, picking up a new one every two years wouldn’t be bank account damaging by any means.

All in all, the ANGLR Bullseye makes a worthy addition to any angler’s arsenal, no matter the skill level. Fish beware.

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