Longtime Furuno executive dies

CAMAS, Wash. — Industry veteran and longtime Furuno executive Roy Thompson has died after a 2½ year battle with lung cancer, according to a release from Furuno. He was 68.

Thompson started in the marine industry after graduating from electronics school in the U.S. Navy, working for Raytheon Marine Co. in his home town of Brooklyn, N.Y., according to Furuno.

He later worked for ITT Decca and then in 1980 was part owner of Dolphin Electronics, which represented Furuno Marine Electronics in the region. In 1984, Furuno determined that the company needed direct sales staff, and Thompson was appointed regional sales manager of the southern New England and New York region.

In 1989, Thompson was promoted to marketing manager of Furuno and was transferred to Furuno’s headquarters in San Francisco.

In 1997, Furuno USA relocated to Camas, Wash., where Thompson remained marketing manager. In 2000, Thompson took on the management of Furuno USA’s Special Products and Fisheries Department.

In Jan. 2007, after 23 years with Furuno USA, Thompson was forced to retire due to his illness. Thompson is survived by his wife of 35 years, Mabel; daughters Linda, Eileen, and Audrey; son Christian; and one granddaughter, Katherine.

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