Roles change at Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Marine

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – While Bass Pro Shops President and COO Jim Hagale’s titles haven’t changed, he recently has taken on several additional responsibilities, according to an article yesterday on

Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris has “turned his attention to other interests and projects,” according to the newspaper Web site, giving Hagale more oversight of company operations, changes that were announced to employees two weeks ago.

As part of this shift, leadership of Tracker Marine is also now part of Hagale’s duties, the article suggested. Former Tracker Marine president and CEO Ken Burroughs has transitioned into a focus on “boat design and related work,” according to the Web site.

“He decided to slow down and back off a little,” a company spokesman told the newspaper.

Both Tracker Marine and Bass Pro Shops have undergone layoffs in recent months. Eighty workers were let go at Tracker’s Bolivar plant in January when its boat building operations were integrated with that of the company’s Lebanon plant. And Bass Pro has initiated “several waves of layoffs” both in Springfield and at the company’s other offices and stores as a result of the recession, the newspaper added.

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