ASA Electronics hires new manager

ELKHART, Ind. – ASA Electronics Corp. has appointed Fred Roetker to new business development and product line manager, the company said in a press release Jan. 15. In his new position, Roetker will be developing new business opportunities within current distribution as well as outside normal business channels. His job responsibilities will include investigating business opportunities, researching competition, and communicating with suppliers on proposed product design and cost.

As new business development manager, Roetker will analyze profit potential and will lend his talents in helping the company determine smart business opportunities. He will also be exploring ways the company can branch out into different business arenas.

Roetker comes to ASA Electronics from Ohio and has more than 28 years of experience in home and mobile electronics. He has spent time in professional sales and in-field training. Before joining ASA Electronics, Roetker had worked as a technologies consultant, manufacturer’s rep, regional sales manager and national sales/product manager.

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