Marine Mover – James Bronstien to leave Rybovich

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – James Bronstien, the 22-year veteran, long-time leader and former owner of Rybovich, has decided to leave the yacht company to pursue new opportunities and ventures, the company reported in a statement yesterday.

“When I sold the company to the Huizenga family last year, I made a commitment to our staff, to the community, and to the marine industry that the boatyard, boatbuilding, and marina businesses would not only remain, but would be greatly enhanced. That course is now well underway,” said Bronstien, noting the improvements that have taken place over the past year.

“In addition, the mixed use redevelopment of the overall property has received such overwhelming support that I can be certain the future of the property will be as I had always hoped it would be. As a result, after nearly 22 years in the same business on the same property, I feel I have accomplished my goals here. It is now time for me to pursue new opportunities and new challenges.”

Rybovich, a yacht service, marina and boatbuilding company, was owned by the Bronstien family from 1981 until it was acquired in January 2004 by H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr.

“If it were not for Jim’s passion and the vision he shared with us over 2 years ago, we would not be where we are today,” said Huizenga Jr. “Jim gave us great guidance while we got our feet wet in this business and we are now as committed to the future as his family was for the last 25 years.”

Wayne Huzienga, Jr. will fill the role as president as well as CEO. Bronstien, 45, plans to stay on thru the end of October. After that, he will continue to support the Huizengas as requested in marine and community matters including opportunities that may present themselves in future working relationships, the company reported.

“While I plan to be available to other companies that may seek my experience and contributions, I know I will always be an ambassador for Rybovich. This is a great company that brought my family many years of happiness and I wish it continued success under the Huizenga leadership,” Bronstien stated.

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