Marine Mover — TowBoatU.S. Ft. Lauderdale promotes Capts. Denhard, Thompson

Ft. Lauderdale -- TowBoatU.S. has announced the promotion of Captain Chris Denhard and Captain Brent Thompson.

Denhard, a 14-year veteran of the marine industry, has been named Supervisor, South Office. Denhard began working at TowBoatU.S. in 1998 by as a towboat captain. He quickly advanced to a senior staff position specializing in mega-yacht river towing and assistance, boat show yacht assistance, and assisting in thousands of salvage operations, including boarding a burning yacht and extinguishing the flames to single-handedly saving a vessel from destruction on a Bahamian reef.

Thompson, who has been involved with the marine industry since he was a child, has been named Assistant Supervisor, North Office. Prior to his employment with TowBoatU.S., Thompson worked at marinas. He is an accomplished salvage diver and has cruised the Bahamas and Florida Keys extensively. He has been employed by TowBoatU.S. Ft. Lauderdale since 2003 and has assisted in numerous salvage operations.

“It is always a pleasure to reward dedicated, hard-working staff,” commented Larry Acheson, President and Founder of TowBoatU.S. Ft. Lauderdale. “Operating a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year business puts great demands on all of our staff. It is especially hard on management. The buck stops with them.”

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