Marine Mover – Navimo builds a management team for the future

SARASOTA, Fla. – After several years of building a management team they could hand the Navimo Group over to in the future, Anthony Le Saffre, president, along with long-term partner and Navimo CFO Patrick Frasquet recently did so, according to a press release from the company yesterday.

Le Saffre, together with the new majority shareholder Duke Street Capital, made official Patrick François as Le Saffre’s replacement.

Le Saffre and Frasquet are now members of the supervisory board and will oversee strategic and consulting missions for the group, including acquisitions and mergers.
The new team is comprised of François as CEO, Hervé Ferrière as vice president of sales and marketing and Pierre Bourhis as CFO.

François will also remain chairman of Navimo’s subsidiary Accastillage Bernard based in Cannes, which he has been running since March 2003 when he joined the group. The new team has become a shareholder, together with Le Saffre, other major managers and Duke Street Capital as majority shareholder.

The €125 million Navimo Group includes Plastimo, Goïot, Max Power, Nuova Rade, XM Yachting, Accastillage Bernard, Moine and DNS and manufacturing facilities and distribution subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy and the United States.

“I’ve been 28 years in this industry and I still love it considering there is so much more to do!” Le Saffre said. “But time has come for another, younger generation to take over and manage forcefully our future, using different and newer tools. I consider planning for a change of generation a duty for any responsible manager. It’s a question of duty towards the shareholders, the staff, the customers and suppliers. I am proud to have managed this group that has now reached this size and an organisation that is ready to partner with the long-time players of this industry who share our vision: that the leisure boating industry is rapidly moving from the era of craftsmanship to that of industrial players with a worldwide vision.”

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