Marine Mover – Northwest Yacht Brokers Association hires new executive director

SEATTLE – The Northwest Yacht Brokers Association has hired Jonathan Ives as its new executive director, according to a statement from the organization Wednesday.

A 20-year veteran in the marine industry in the Pacific Northwest, Ives brings experience in management, boat show production and a broad background in the association’s activities to the position.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge of representing all of the members of the association,” Ives said. “The members have built a tremendous foundation over the years. I hope to continue building on their successes. The success and growth of the boat shows are critical to the members. I also will be actively looking at ways to increase the benefits and services to all members.”

“Jonathan will be a tremendous asset to the association,” said Jeffrey Briggs outgoing executive director. “He brings to the organization the right combination of leadership, political savvy, vision and willingness to roll up his sleeves and work. I have worked closely with Jonathan on various projects over the years, both for NYBA and outside of NYBA, and believe he will find new and creative ways to increase the benefits for all the members.”

In addition to managing Ballard Canal Company for 15 years, Ives assisted his wife, former NYBA Boat Show Director Julie VanWallendael, in the production of the Lake Union Boats Afloat Shows. He is a former president of the Marina Owners Association and has experience representing the needs of the marine industry in Olympia.

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