Marine Mover – Former Westlawn president returns as provost

EDGEWATER, Md. – Former Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology president, Norman Nudelman, has recently come back to the school as its provost, Westlawn said in a release today.

As president of Westlawn from 1992 to 1997, Nudelman guided the school and wrote many of the texts that are the foundation of the Westlawn course modules, according to the school.

“We are delighted to have Norm back on our team. He helped educate a large number of Westlawn’s many successful graduates,” said Dave Gerr, director of Westlawn, “We are looking forward to using his expertise and understanding of the school to provide a sound foundation for our ongoing upgrade program.”

As provost, Nudelman will work with Westlawn’s accrediting institutions to ensure accurate and up-to-date accreditation and state approval, as well as working on curriculum upgrades, and also reviewing and grading student papers.

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