Marine Mover: Conley named general manager of Sarasota Yacht Center

SARASOTA, Fla. — Brandy Marine, Inc., a Florida-based international has appointed Steve Conley general manager of the Yacht Center in Sarasota, the company reported today.

Brandy assumed management of the nearly 100-year-old boat yard in August, with Conley joining the team in September, according to the company.

In his new position, Conley oversees all day-to-day activities at the yard, including the coordination of vessels in and out, customer service, staffing and administrative management, and supervision of a corps of professional contractors and sub-contractors who provide specialized services.

Conley has been a charter boat captain for 15 years. He has broad experience in maintenance and repairs, installation of new engines and systems, boat renovations, deliveries, sailing, fishing and fiberglass lamination. He has boated extensively on both coasts and in the Bahamas, the company stated.

“Steve brings a lifetime of boating knowledge and an outstanding work ethic to the Yacht Center,” said Bruce H. Blomgren, president of Brandy Marine. “We’ve undertaken a very aggressive clean up and expansion at the yard, and are confident that Steve is the professional to lead our efforts.”

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