Orlando Watersports Complex partners with Above the Wake

Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) has partnered with Above the Wake, a non-profit organization, to offer watersports lessons to individuals with autism. The initiative has been ongoing for the past nine years, and this past weekend, more than 50 riders on the autistic spectrum learned to ride kneeboards, wakeboards, and tubes.

Kellan Rudnicki, Director of Operations for Aktion Parks, spoke of the partnership, saying, “Above the Wake is a fantastic organization that empowers so many individuals to learn and develop confidence from the joys of watersports! We are proud to play a major role in these events.”

Tom Hart, Executive Director for Above the Wake, highlighted the organization’s goal of inclusion, saying, “Our goal at Above the Wake is inclusion, and inclusion is about creating opportunities for individuals to participate.”

The lessons, which are tailored to the riders’ different skill levels, have provided a unique opportunity for individuals with autism to learn and experience the thrill of watersports. Above the Wake and OWC plan to continue their partnership and offer more opportunities for individuals with autism to learn and enjoy watersports.

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