MRAA partners with J.D. Power for market insights

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) has announced a new data-driven partnership with J.D. Power – Specialty Vehicles.

This collaboration between J.D. Power and the MRAA will report quarterly market insights and analysis, which may include data such as average retail value by boat type and model year, most researched brands, top researched model years by boat category, fuel price data, and web traffic by state.

“Data creation, collection and analysis is an important strategy for the MRAA as we grow our service to the dealer community, so it’s rewarding to work closely with J.D. Power in this initiative,” says Drew Mick, MRAA Research Specialist. “One key objective for the MRAA in the new year is to generate more tangible data and research that helps our dealers – and therefore the industry – find more success.”

“J.D. Power has always been at the forefront of providing critical market insights on marine values by boat class,” says Lenny Sims, J.D. Power Vice President Business Development/Strategy. “With this partnership, we can disseminate this critical knowledge that every boat dealer should know.”

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