ABYC kicks off Standards Week 2023

Industry stakeholders join ABYC at its annual meeting during Standards Week 2023.

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), the nonprofit organization that develops safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of boats, kicked off its annual Standards Week, January 9-13, 2023, in New Orleans, LA. Participants at Standards Week will be part of the standards that are being revised or newly considered for development.

Standards Week is dedicated to daily Project Technical Committee (PTC) meetings to discuss updates to Supplement 63 for Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft to be published July 2023.

“PTCs are comprised of over 400 volunteers with a vested interest in ensuring the standards reflect what they experience, are researching, and what they envision for the future,” said Brian Goodwin, ABYC technical director. “The annual ABYC Standards supplement requires diverse input from those who understand where the industry is headed.”

Below is a list of onsite PTC’s conducting meetings during Standards Week:

  • Fire Fighting and Detection Systems
  • Electrical
  • Fuel and Ventilation
  • Control Systems
  • Thermal Appliance

During the week, there also will be task force meetings on electric propulsion and autonomous vessels to review how current standards address existing technology and create a road map for future development based evolving technology and industry needs.

For more information about Standards Week, the surrounding events, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.abycstandardsweek.com.

More information about ABYC standards

  • 90% of the boats on the water are built to ABYC standards
  • In product liability lawsuits, ABYC standards are the authoritative reference for evaluating issues of design, construction, maintenance, and product performance.
  • ABYC standards are the basis of certification programs, marine surveys, and legal judgements.
  • ABYC is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited representative to ISO, and works to promote the needs of the US marine industry in relation to ISO.
  • ABYC standards cover a broad range of topics including US federal requirements.

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