Flexofold announces new production manager

Flexofold, a Danish manufacturer of folding propellers for sailboats, has announced the appointment of Søren Palle Gammelmark as Production and Development Manager.

Originally hired in 2018 as a technician, following YANMAR Europe’s acquisition of Flexofold, Søren was responsible for programming the CNC machines using both CAD and CAM to create and optimize programs.

Henning Uldall, Flexofold CEO, commented: “Søren has spent nearly 5 years now as a valued member of the company, and his dedication and hard work made it an easy decision to promote him to Production and Development Manager. It is a very natural progression for him, demonstrating Flexofold’s commitment to growing and recognising talent within the business.

“The decision to appoint Søren in the new role also plays a key part in the Flexofold mission for innovation. Søren is a very committed and faithful person who has proven to be a good problem solver in everyday life here at Flexofold.”

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