ANGARI acquires Whaly tender

The ANGARI Foundation has acquired a specialized Whaly 500R Pro from Nautical Ventures. The Foundation’s new Whaly tender will be used as a support vessel on the R/V ANGARI during expeditions, and as a solo work boat for local projects in South Florida.

The Whaly 500R Pro is 16 feet long with a 60 hp Yamaha outboard. ANGARI has also equipped it with a Garmin GPS, VHF radio, and an Automatic Identification System (AIS). The Whaly tender supports shark research, sea turtle tagging and nesting studies, coral reef surveys, scuba diving, instrument and drift card deployments.

“We cannot thank Nautical Ventures enough for their generous support. The Whaly design is incredibly versatile, and we’re excited to have this unique tender to support R/V ANGARI expeditions, as well as to use locally on its own in Palm Beach County,” said Angela Rosenberg, ANGARI Foundation president, and captain of the research vessel ANGARI. “Having a reliable tender onboard our research vessel while traveling is vital to safety at sea. This boat is crucial to our operations and overall mission and impact.”

CEO of Nautical Ventures, Roger Moore, expressed support for ANGARI’s efforts in ocean research. “By publicly sharing their expeditions and scientific findings, ANGARI’s contribution to the marine community will make it a better world for all,” said Moore.

The Whaly tender supports a variety of inshore work, including assisting with local marine megafauna and shark research and education expeditions. In November, it will be used to help deploy drift cards during ANGARI’s Lagoon Drift citizen science project. The boat will also be made available for local research projects in and around the Lake Worth Lagoon.

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