Digital Lead Performance partners with CDK Global

Digital Lead Performance (DLP), a young technology company known for its speed in converting digital sales leads into appointments, has announced a partnership with CDK Global for data exchange and API Integrations with Eleads.

“For DLP to capture the attention of a leading international technology company such as CDK Global, it speaks loudly to our reputation in the powersports industry and tech world and the results we have obtained for retail clients,” said Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Barney.

CDK Global works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across the auto, truck, agriculture, recreation, marine and powersports industries and has over 30,000 client locations and 15,000 clients served. The CDK Elead Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) helps keep processes organized, provides snapshots of data clients can use to influence the sales process and allows dealers to see the heartbeat and activity of the dealership and make actionable insights in real-time.

Digital Lead Performance, which has a Speed to Lead and Buy or Die philosophy when it comes to capturing and nurturing leads, began last year with 42 clients and more than doubled its business by year-end. About half of its clients are using CDK-Eleads. This, along with the company’s massive growth, are a couple of the reasons why DLP was selected by CDK Global for the integration.

“DLP is now 100% aligned with CDK and excited to be positioned as a partner in their online marketplace,” Barney said. “This partnership creates extreme value for DLP’s client dealerships and opens the door for unlimited opportunities. It is integrations like this that are a game changer for DLP and the Harley-Davidson and powersports clients we serve.”

API integrations enable companies to automate tasks and integrate their programs and databases with current industry applications. They ensure smooth and continuous communication between various applications and allow workers to get the benefits of multiple cloud-based applications while simultaneously enhancing product innovation.

“This partnership shows that we’re here to stay and we’re committed to helping dealerships and retailers succeed,” said Chief Executive Officer, Scott Fischer. “DLP has dominated the Harley and powersports markets and we’re gaining a foothold in the RV and marine industries. Our proven approach to mastering the digital sales process can really translate into any sector.”

The partnership with CDK helps eliminate DLP agents from working inside CRMs and gives automatic reconciliation of data and performance through DMS providing more accurate data. It also provides an improved client experience, scalability, an improved workflow, simplifies staff training and provides a smoother, more efficient onboarding process for clients.

“We have worked very hard together for the past three years building a smart and healthy company here at DLP,” Barney said. “Our vision has been driven through our focus on growth, operational excellence and providing a maximized performance for our clients. All of these have been at the absolute forefront of DLP.”

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