NMEA to train U.S., Canadian Coast Guard personnel

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has announced that it has been awarded contracts to train both the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard personnel on installation of marine electronics.

The training sessions will be the same four-day, in-person training events that NMEA offers to its members and the general public, which include the Basic Marine Electronics Installer (MEI), Advanced Marine Electronics Installer (AMEI), Basic NMEA 2000 Network Installer, and Advanced NMEA 2000 Network Installer courses.

“As both countries build new boats to serve and protect, the evolution of the NMEA 2000 standard has brought about new installations that require training as boat builders typically install, and the coast guard personnel maintain, the electronics suites on these vessels, small to large,” said Mark Reedenauer, NMEA president & executive director.

“Pilot training programs for the coast guard started before the pandemic, and were primarily focused on NMEA 2000 installations. Thanks to the support of member manufacturers, whose equipment is being installed on these new builds, all training events have been expanded to four days. Two days focus on NMEA 2000 (basic and advanced), and two days on best practice installations (basic and advanced) of all types of marine electronics from displays to VHF to radar to autopilots, and virtually everything in between,” Reedenauer added.

These closed-door training events will begin in April and will continue throughout 2022 at select locations in the USA and Canada. The NMEA said it welcomes countries worldwide to inquire about marine electronics installer training for personnel who operate government vessels.

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