Boat Fix launches rental fleet management program

Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides a combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, sophisticated geofencing and 24/7 live customer support, announced today it has launched a one-of-a kind fleet management program for boat rental companies, boat clubs and charter companies – Boat Fix Fleet Manager Pro.
Boat Fix Fleet Manager Pro is a service designed specifically for boat management companies operating fleets in the sharing economy. Boat Fix Fleet Manager Pro offers the boat rental, club and charter operator several unique advantages:

  • Highly accurate GPS tracking with historical playback functionality for use in the case of an incident or dispute
  • Sophisticated, multiple and time-driven geofencing to prevent unauthorized use, theft and entry into prohibited areas
  • 24/7/365 live and immediate business support 
  • Customized fleet management reports available monthly, weekly or daily
  • An onboard strobe light triggered by entry into a prohibited zone or delayed return to alert the user and generate an immediate corrective action 

The Boat Fix telematics device that drives the system has its own built-in GPS and SIM card that communicates via the 4G network. It will transmit worldwide from any cell tower, usually up to 20 miles offshore. If out of range, the device will store up 10,000 GPS locations every 60 seconds – roughly a week’s worth of data. Saved data is automatically uploaded when the system is back in cell range. Boat Fix Fleet Manager Pro will store all the tracking and monitoring data for seven years. 

“Our devices collect a huge amount of data and with our sophisticated monitoring software, there is nothing that the rental or charter operator does not know about every boat in the fleet,” said Kevin Walsh, Head of Operations at Boat Fix. “How often the boat is used, where it went, how fast it went, how many days it sat idle, engine hours and more. Our service and data provide our fleet owner partners with unrivalled ability to support and service their fleet, ensure customer safety, and save money and time on insurance-related issues.”

“In one season alone, we had multiple damaged lower units and replaced many boat props from boats grounding in places the member was advised to avoid because of underwater hazards,” said Jared Irwin, Owner, Freedom Boat Club, Lake St. Clair. “Boat Fix would have saved me thousands of dollars in claims and protected my insurance premium. For me having Boat Fix on every boat is a now a no brainer – especially with the geofence strobe alarm that averts the problem automatically in real time.” 

Fleet Manager Pro requires the purchase of the Boat Fix telematics device for $139 and a strobe for $39. The device comes with a lifetime warranty and is transferable at no charge to new inventory. Installation is simple and usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the vessel. In addition to the one-off device purchase, there is an annual charge of $139 for the SIM card data, business support and reports. 

“Fleet Manager Pro is an unbeatable combination of reliable hardware, industry-leading tracking software, 24/7 support, all at an affordable price,” said Alastair Crawford, founder, Boat Fix. “There is a reason we have a 93% renewal rate. We look forward to showing rental and charter organizations around the country the incredible value and peace of mind Boat Fix delivers.”

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