Cobalt puts new R4 surf boat on display at Kansas governor’s mansion

Cobalt Boats sent a new boat for display at a special event held at the Kansas governor’s mansion as the State of Kansas hosted a dinner for members of the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC). The IAMC is a trade association offering professional development, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to site location consultants, real estate executives and other development partners in the industrial real estate industry.

The Cobalt boat, a new R4 Surf model, was placed on display on the lawn of the residence, along with other significant items manufactured in Kansas, ranging from mowers and farm implements to an automobile. Event attendees were able to view and examine the equipment and vehicles, which were presented in an impromptu ‘Kansas Manufacturing Lane’ format, to give visitors a better understanding of the range and caliber of manufacturing and industrial development that’s already taking place in the state.

“We were very pleased to have Cobalt included in the Governor’s showcase of ‘Made In Kansas’ products,” said Jason Turner, Cobalt’s VP of Operations and Engineering, in a release. “In addition to providing valuable exposure for our brand and boats, it was an honor to represent the State of Kansas and demonstrate how Cobalt’s work ethic, quality and success can be a model for manufacturers in a range of industries.”

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