Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville launches new boating group celebrating women on the water

Freedom Boat Sisters

Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville has created a new boating group called Freedom Boat Sisters to promote boating participation among women.

“We created this group to bring women together to meet other women boaters and to help them grow their confidence at the helm,” said Lisa “The Boatanista” Almeida, co-owner of Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville. “Boating has been a passion for me for the majority of my life and Freedom Boat Sisters is a way to share that passion with our female members and give them the courage to be their own captain.”

About 50 female members joined the Freedom Boat Sisters mix and mingle event. The ladies were able to enjoy a beautiful evening near the water as they met other female boaters in the club.

“I think creating the group, Freedom Boat Sisters is a great idea because it gives women an opportunity to form connections they otherwise wouldn’t,” said Lynn Kehoe, Freedom Boat Club member and Freedom Boat Sister. “The event was a lot of fun. Meeting other female members has already forged some new friendships and started a forum for us gals to be more courageous in our water adventures supported by our ‘sisters.’ I can see we’re going to get in the ‘good kind of trouble’ fast!”

Freedom Boat Club will hold quarterly Freedom Boat Sisters events. The members of the group will provide input to determine the themes and activities.

For women who are interested in learning more about boating and taking the helm, Freedom Boat Club also offers a BoatClass specifically for women. Each class is a three-hour on-water training course with a U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain.

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  1. Nicely done FBC Jacksonville!

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