New England Marine Trades Association releases new website

The New England Marine Trades Association (NEMTA) is pleased to announce the release of their new website –  NEMTA is composed of the six New England states including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine & Vermont.  The economic impact of the recreational boating industry in New England is nearly 16 billion dollars with over 3,000 businesses and close to 80,000 jobs supported.

The mission of NEMTA is the advancement of recreational boating within the six New England states. Each state has their own individual trade associations, but working in a collaborative manner to discuss and promote various recreational boating initiatives and issues is beneficial to each of the states.  

One of the key issues is the workforce industry shortage, which is a problem not only in New England, but also on a national level. The website helps to focus on this issue, but providing the individual state job/career boards and a listing of the New England schools, both on the high school and post-secondary level offering industry training.  The website also includes the economic impact data for the six states and collectively for New England. Additional information including national industry resources is provided making this a useful tool to market and highlight the industry within New England and the 6 states individually.

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