Boating Industry Insider Podcast – how to be a diversity confident employer

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In this Boating Industry Insider podcast, editor-in-chief David Gee talks divcersity and inclusion with Tova Sherman.

In the modern workplace, disabilities are more common than we may know. Yet too often, a stigma still exists when it comes to employing people with disabilities.

According to Tova Sherman — a CEO, TED Speaker, and thought leader with more than 25 years of experience in diversity and inclusion — educating your existing team is crucial to a ensuring a thriving workplace filled with diverse people.

“Disability is not a dirty word, so let’s stop acting like it is,” says Sherman, author of the book Win, Win, Win! The 18 Inclusion-isms you need to become a disability confident employer. “People often choose not to discuss what they don’t understand and that is why myths about disability continue to persist. Silence can no longer be an option in the workplace — and leaders must replace it with honest conversation.”

In this interesting interview with Tova, Boating Industry editor-in-chief David Gee discusses:

  • Actionable steps to build the foundation for a truly inclusive workplace
  • Why attitudinal barriers are the biggest obstacles to an inclusive culture
  • Biggest mistakes leaders make when managing people with disabilities
  • Why diversity is not the only aspect of an inclusive workplace culture

Listen to the Boating Industry Insider podcast today.

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