Boat Fix now standard on 2021 Vision Marine electric boats

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Boat Fix signs agreement with Vision Marine

Boat Fix, the 24/7 marine customer service company, has signed an agreement with Vision Marine Technologies (VMT) to deliver a custom, white-labeled telematics solution to be included with all model year 2021 electric boats. 
Boat Fix will supply VMT telematics hardware and monitoring software with an accompanying app, along with its 24/7 customer support and services. Boat Fix will also provide a solution to all of VMT’s OEM customers through 2023. The telematics technology is intended to monitor the health of the vessel, as well as the battery consumption of the ePropulsion electric motors installed on specific vessels in production.
“One of the unique challenges of electric propulsion is the charge remaining in the battery is dependent on speed and therefore, unlike a fuel gauge, it is hard to know how much range you have left,” stated Alastair Crawford, Founder, Boat Fix. “In addition to providing our standard vessel monitoring, we have created a solution that will make sure users have the runtime to get where they’re going so they can enjoy the quiet and serenity of an electric boat.”
“We are positive our customers will be extremely pleased with the added value a Boat Fix telematics system will bring to their ownership experience,” added Alexandre Mongeon, President, Vision Marine Technologies.

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