In-person Stuart Boat Show still happening this weekend

Stuart Boat Show
In-person Stuart Boat Show still happening

The Stuart Boat Show, located on Florida’s Treasure Coast, will take place January 15-17, and includes hundreds of boats, marine-related products and seminars.

“We are expecting a robust turnout from both exhibitors and attendees this year due to the eagerness to get back to normal since the COVID-19 pandemic, so we need to be razor-sharp in our planning and safety procedures,” said Skip Allen, president of AllSports Productions, producers of The Stuart Boat Show and owners and producers of The Florida Outdoor Expo.

Working closely with local, state, and CDC officials and their respective guidelines, AllSports Productions says they are “continually monitoring and evaluating the situation to adjust their safety protocols as needed.”

They stated their goal is to provide confidence so everyone can experience successful events that work for both businesses and attendees.

“AllSports is working hard to bring back the fun, but in a safe and healthy environment. We are all in this together and can make it happen, so I look forward to seeing everyone very soon,” said Allen.

These protocols are listed on the Stuart Boat Show website.

For AllSports Productions and MIATC Staff

  • Mask wearing expectations (mandatory) will be posted at show offices and work areas
  • Show staff will always be required to wear a mask
  • Show staff will take temperature of all exhibitors and attendees upon entry to show
  • Dedicated staff to manage hand sanitizer stations 20+ refilling and placement
  • Dedicated staff to provide deep cleaning/sanitization to be performed every evening
  • Restrooms to be cleaned/sanitized hourly and deep cleaned/sanitized after show hours
  • Dedicated staff for food court area to clean/sanitize continually throughout the day
  • Provide awareness of COVID safety protocols to exhibitors prior to and during show
  • Post same COVID safety protocols on ticket website and boat show website
  • Roaming show staff will continuously remind attendees to wear a mask

For Boat Show Exhibitors and Vendors

  • All exhibitors must follow the guidelines of the Florida Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization.
  • Mask wearing expectations (strongly recommended) will be expressed prior to show entry
  • Must provide hand sanitizer for their staff and attendees within their display area
  • Requesting to post social distancing signs at their displays
  • Show staff will take temperature of all Exhibitors upon entry to show
  • Show office to provide badge pickup and other services via tent (very limited access inside)
  • Bus vendor will be required to sanitize throughout the day and deep clean at night

For Attendees

  • Social distancing and mask expectations (strongly recommended) posted at bus stops, entrances and throughout the show
  • Limit overcrowding (maximum 40 passengers) on bus transportation, masks are mandatory on buses
  • Limit show entrance and exit points to two
  • Show staff will take temperature of all attendees upon entry to show
  • Concerted effort to sell tickets electronically vs. in person
  • Provide disposable masks at entrances for those who want/need them
  • Hand sanitizer stations positioned at bus stops, entrances and throughout the show
  • Reduce seating and table size within outdoor food court area
  • Producer to display signage in heavier trafficked areas to remind attendees to social distance when possible and be mindful of crowded areas

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