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boot 2021
Zur boot 2017 werden sich mehr als 1.800 Aussteller aus 70 Ländern auf 220.000 Quadratmetern präsentieren. Alle 17 Messehallen sind belegt und bieten ein komplettes Abbild des Weltmarktes für den Wassersport. Michelidakis: „Die ausstellenden Unternehmen richten ihre Messebudgets speziell auf Düsseldorf aus, um sich bei uns in voller Pracht präsentieren zu können. Die boot ist die weltweit größte Boots-Präsentation: Rund 1.800 Boote werden hier in Düsseldorf zu sehen sein.“ Deutlich mehr als die Hälfte der Aussteller kommen inzwischen aus dem europäischen Ausland und aus Übersee. Führend sind dabei die großen Wassersportnationen Niederlande, Italien, Frankreich und Großbritannien. E-Tickets für die boot Düsseldorf können zum günstigen Online-Preis von 17,00 Euro für die Tageskarte sowie 25,00 Euro für das Zwei-Tagesticket geordert werden. Wer es noch günstiger haben möchte (14,00 Euro Tageskarte und 23,00 Euro Zweitageskarte) und dazu noch einen Mehrwert an Informationen, den Zutritt zur mit freiem WLAN auf der boot 2017 sowie spezielle Angebote und Gewinnspiele nutzen möchte, der muss sich einfach auf anmelden und kann direkt von diesen Vorteilen profitieren.

boot Düsseldorf 2021 will be held on a new date: from April 17 – 25, 2021 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Due to the continuing high COVID-19 infection numbers across Europe, the event cannot be held at its original dates January 23 – 31, 2021. Messe Düsseldorf postponed boot after close consultation with its partners and exhibitors who support this decision and have opted in favor of the new dates. By announcing the new dates early,  Messe Düsseldorf also gives exhibitors planning security for preparing their trade fair participation and transporting their boats and yachts.

According to Wolfram Diener, president and CEO of Messe Düsseldorf,  the new dates for boot Düsseldorf send a positive signal to the water sports industry.

“At the present moment in time, we cannot reliably determine whether a trade fair can be implemented in January 2021. This is due to current COVID-19 infection rates, ongoing travel restrictions and existing legal stipulations which do not permit trade fairs to be held currently. In consultation with our boot advisory board and the associations we have selected the new dates in April carefully. Statements from numerous experts have led us to believe that it is highly probable the situation will improve in almost all European countries by spring 2021 on account of the measures currently in place,” Diener said. “With CARAVAN SALON in September 2020 we have already demonstrated that trade fairs can also be held successfully in COVID-19 times while offering everyone involved the greatest possible protection. The exhibitors can now focus on the new dates and continue their preparations. We will concentrate from now on to prepare the best possible and successful platform for the boating and water sports business.”

“After many talks with exhibitors, associations and partners we have chosen the new dates very carefully although we know that it is difficult to fulfill everybody’s wish,” boot Project Director Petros Michelidakis added. “Moving boot to April will also accommodate the purchasing and booking behavior of many water sports enthusiasts. Long-term planning of vacations and leisure activities will not be possible in the coming months and we believe that boot Düsseldorf held in April will be welcomed for the planning of the boating and water sports activities for the rest of the year.”

With this move boot follows the request of the industry to postpone boot Düsseldorf and to present an information and order platform for water sports enthusiasts and the business community in spring 2021.

Representing the exhibiting industry, boot President Robert Marx praised Messe Düsseldorf’s decision.

“We as the industry very much support postponing boot to April. After the extension of lockdown measures this is an important step to ensure we can hold boot Düsseldorf as a commercial success,” Marx said. “As president of this trade fair and representative of the German water sports industry, I welcome the move allowing us to now plan for these dates and that with boot 2021 we will organize the first boot show in Europe for more than half a year.”

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