Pursuit honors top dealers

In September, Pursuit Boats announced their top domestic dealers, international dealer and salespeople for their 2020 model year.

Top honors for the number one Pursuit dealer went to Quality Boats,
a dealer that has multiple locations in Clearwater and Sarasota, Florida.

“This is a first time win as top dealer for Quality Boats,” said Randy Jernigan, Director of Sales at Pursuit. “We are very proud of the strides they have made to achieve this honor and we are thrilled with how they represent the Pursuit brand.”

Owner David Bair was presented with the coveted Geoffrey Smith Sail sh Sculpture Award at a private dinner at the Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach.

Chandler Hansen of Quality Boats achieved Pursuit’s Top Salesperson and Club Elite status for the 2020 model year.

The Top Ten Pursuit dealers for the 2020 Model Year include:

1. Quality Boats
2. Walker Marine Group 3. Ocean Blue Yachts 4. Legendary Marine
5. Bosun’s Marine
6. Stone Harbor Marina
7. Grande Yachts International
8. South Shore Marine
9. Strong’s Marine
10. Apex Marine

Maspor Marine was named Top International Dealer in 2019 and again in 2020 with locations in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

OneWater Marine, with Pursuit locations throughout the country, was awarded the Pursuit Diamond Dealer Award for wholesale dollars.

The 2020 Top New Dealer honor was awarded to Boats Unlimited with three locations in North Carolina.

South Shore Marine, based out of Ohio, was awarded the Top CSI Award for outstanding customer satisfaction.

Awards were also made to the salespeople who quali ed for the prestigious Club Pursuit and Club Elite. Club Pursuit and Pursuit Club Elite were established to recognize salespeople who have attended Pursuit Offshore University for in-depth sales training in 2018 or 2019 and have demonstrated superior sales achievement.

2020 Club Pursuit Members include:

  • Atlantic Outboard: Chris Landry
  • Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales: Maria Jones
  • Grande Yachts International:
    – Deane Ford
    – Jack Flood
    – Bobby Walsh
    – John Martini
  • Legendary Marine:
    – Travis Royall
    – Hunter Norris
    – Eric Davis
    – Sean Garrison
  • Ocean Blue Yacht Sales:
    – Anthony Censoplano
    – Chase Nielsen
    – Tim Poe
    – Jamie Brandon
  • Quality Boats of Tampa Bay:
    – Ross Toussaint
    – Gary Twigg
  • Stone Harbor Yacht Sales: David Smith
  • Strong’s Marine: David Russell
  • Walker Marine Group:
    – Fred Eng
    – John Petitte
  • Walstrom Marine: Dwayne Stone
  • Yamaha Marine Center: Brad Knight
  • Yarmouth Boat Yard: Captain Jack Stewart

Club Elite Members include:

  • Atlantic Outboard: Evan Cusson
  • Bosun’s Marine:
    – Todd Gray
    – David Nothnagle
    – Matthew Nugent
  • Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales: Joe Toland
  • Legendary Marine: Shawn Kennett
  • Ocean Blue Yacht Sales: Jon Cross
  • Quality Boats of Tampa Bay:
    – Chandler Hansen
    – Todd Cook
  • Stone Harbor Yacht Sales:
    – Tim Keane
    – Captain Ed Bickel
  • Walker Marine Group:
    – Ed Fontaine
    – Nick Eng
    – Captain Sean Black

The following dealers achieved Flagship Status:

  • All Seasons Marine Works
  • Atlantic Outboard
  • Bosun’s Marine
  • Caribee Boat Sales & Marina
  • Quality Boats
  • South Shore Marine
  • Stone Harbor Marina
  • Strong’s Marine
  • Walstrom Marine
  • Yarmouth Boat Yard

The Pursuit Flagship Dealer Program is a continuous improvement certification program focused on the highest standards of Customer Satisfaction in the areas of Operations, Sales, Marketing and Service in the Pursuit dealer network.

“We look forward to sharing our successes and opportunities with
our great partners – our valued dealer network – every year. And what we really appreciate from our dealers is their focus on operational excellence, culminating in higher customer satisfaction and repurchase intent. This embodies the ‘customer for life’ attitude in our dealer organization,” said president of Pursuit Boats Bruce Thompson.

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