2020 USA Waterski & Wake Sports Foundation scholarships announced

USA Waterski and Wake Sports Foundation

In the wake of the recent 2020 national water ski championships held in Zachary, LA, the latest recipients of the USA Waterski & Wake Sports Foundation scholarships have been announced.  

Since 1968, the USA Waterski & Wake Sports Foundation has awarded scholarships to young athletes, honoring on-water performance and involvement in towed water sports.  

With a defining mission of preserving the past and promoting the future of towed water sports, scholarships are integral to the USA Waterski & Wake Sports Foundation’s purpose.

Aimed toward athletes 17 years old and under, the available scholarships for 2020 total $13,000 and are sponsored by Tony Drake, Jim Grew, Steve Grubbs,  Jody Johnson and Dr. Mike Morgan.     

Athlete Division Scholarship:

Jaxen Stabel Boys 1 $2000

Marley Pavur Girls 1 $2000

BG Bickley Boys 2 $1500

Kamryn Massey Girls 2 $1500

 Chase Sparks Boys 3 $1000

Emma Davis Girls 3 $1000

Carter Reese Boys 4 $1000

Kendra Nathan Girls 4 $1000

Blaze Grubbs Boys 5 $1000

Kristen Baldwin Girls 5 $1000

Jim Grew, former US Team Coach and sponsor commented, “These scholarships have proven to make a significant difference in the lives of young athletes. So many blossom as great ambassadors of the sport, contributing positively to the world.”  

Currently the USA Waterski And Wake Sports Foundation manages scholarships across numerous towed water sports disciplines including 3-event skiing, barefooting and wake sports.

More information is available at https://www.usa-wwf.org

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