MRAA launches COVID-19 employee sentiment survey for dealers

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The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announced it has developed a survey tool, the COVID-19 Employee Sentiment Survey, that dealers can use to measure employee sentiment during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey tool, which has been modified from the standard Employee Satisfaction Survey offered by the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program, provides dealerships with a custom link that can be sent to their employees.

Employees can then anonymously complete the survey, and dealership owners and managers will receive a custom report with the results, as well as additional resources, so they can better understand their employees’ satisfaction with how the business is being run during this crisis.

“In today’s uncertain business climate, we, as leaders, can oftentimes forget that our employees can have even greater uncertainty with the future of the business and their role in it,” explains Liz Keener, MRAA certification manager. “Especially at a time when some are working from home, other dealership personnel have been laid off or furloughed, and in general we lack the team connectivity we had even a month ago, it’s more difficult than ever for dealership managers to understand if they’re taking the correct leadership actions to serve their teams. We’re providing this anonymous tool to help them capture that insight.”

The survey asks 10 multiple-choice and two open-ended questions focused on topics like whether the dealership has provided a clear plan of action for employees, whether those employees know what’s expected of them during this crisis; whether employees feel well-informed on what’s going on with the dealership and more. It should take employees no longer than five minutes to complete the survey.

The survey is free to all MRAA members, or $99 for non-members. Each dealership participating will receive a unique link, so as to gauge the sentiment at their particular location.

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