Cobalt hosts Kansas State Treasurer

In early March, Cobalt Boats was visited by Jake LaTurner, the Treasurer of the state of Kansas, who was reviewing the contributions of regional businesses to the economic performance of the state of Kansas and nation as a whole.

During his factory tour, LaTurner said he was impressed by the dedication of Cobalt’s employees and their passion for the work they do, and expressed his admiration for the way they represented the Kansas work ethic.

Cobalt said the treasurer’s visit is yet another example of government officials taking a positive interest in Cobalt, following the company’s selection in 2019 by the White House as a notable ‘Made In America’ business.

LaTurner also met with the president of Cobalt Boats, Shane Stanfill, to learn more about the company’s growth plans, including a pending plant expansion.

A native of nearby Galena, Kansas, LaTurner said he was familiar with the Cobalt brand and its reputation for quality. “Cobalt Boats is a mainstay in Southeast Kansas. I grew up in the area and appreciate the positive impact Cobalt has had both on the economy and on the lives of the people who work there. The company is a great example of the success that comes with a dedication to excellence and hard work,” he noted.

“We were pleased to learn that Mr. LaTurner included a visit to Cobalt in his travel plans,” said Stanfill. “After escorting him on the plant tour, I briefed him on such items as our employment numbers, business impact and outlook, things the state’s top financial officer was keenly interested in and seemed to very much appreciate.”

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