MRAA approves ACMA Resolution for 2020 for advocacy efforts

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ Board of Directors voted to adopt the Advisory Council of Marine Associations’ (ACMA) policy resolution to help direct the MRAA’s legislative and advocacy efforts for 2020.

ACMA, created to advise the MRAA on its annual policy agenda, is comprised of state, regional and national marine trade associations, and met at MRAA’s 2019 Dealer Week to discuss and collaborate on current state and federal legislative priorities for the marine industry. Six priorities were agreed upon for the MRAA’s advocacy team in 2020:

  1. Fishing and Water Quality
  2. Workforce Development
  3. Boating Education / Boating Safety across state borders.
  4. Opposing Ethanol above E-10, which is a significant threat to the recreational boating community.
  5. Supporting the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable movement
  6. Supporting modernizing recreational boating infrastructure and dredging projects

“The ACMA resolution provides us with a comprehensive legislative strategy that will help us concentrate and focus on issues to benefit the marine industry,” said MRAA Chairman, Joe Hoffmaster. “The resolution is forward-thinking and encompasses enough to benefit anyone who accesses our waters, uses gasoline, or looks for well-paying employment.”

 ACMA Chairwoman Kathleen Burns said that these resolutions were developed after “significant input” from state and regional marine trade association representatives highlighting issues most impactful to their members. “It’s a great opportunity” Burns continued, “to have the national, state and regional associations working together, speaking in one common voice for the great good of the industry and, ultimately, for the customers we serve.”

“The sort of collaboration in our industry that is accomplished through ACMA ensures that MRAA is well equipped to address issues directly affecting our members on the ground, in every represented region,” said MRAA President Matt Gruhn.  “Our advocacy team is eager and ready to take a leadership role on these issues, and continue to build upon the successes from this last year.”

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