Oregon Senate passes towed watersports program

Last week, the Oregon Senate passed HB 2352 – which creates a towed watersports program in the state – and now awaits Governor Kate Brown’s signature.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association was part of a coalition of stakeholders and businesses that opposed the bill.

HB 2352 creates a $124 biannual boating permit for wakeboat operators along a 17 mile stretch of the Willamette River. Operators will also have to take a towing safety education course every two years. After two infractions, such as failure to have a spotter, the skipper would be banned from operating any boat anywhere in the state for a year, and the boat could not be used for towing.

Oregon Senate Republicans walked out of the legislature in mid-June due to an unrelated issue. They returned on Saturday, June 29 and passed over 100 bills between Saturday and Sunday, including HB 2352. The legislative session ended on Sunday, June 30.

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