Sea Tow recognizes America’s Boating Club Squadrons for boating safety efforts

The Sea Tow Foundation announced it has named three squadrons of America’s Boating Club – formerly known as the United States Power Squadrons – as winners of its 2019 Golden Life Jacket Award.

The award – presented at the ABC Annual Meeting in Orlando on Feb. 23 – annually recognizes individuals and organizations across the country who make a difference in their local boating communities. This year’s award has been given to Peace River Sail and Power Squadron, Manatee Sail and Power Squadron and San Carlos Bay Sail and Power Squadron for their work over the past year hosting Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Stations on their hometown waters.

“We are grateful for their efforts in promoting safer boating in their respective areas,” said Michael Wesolowski, Sea Tow Foundation director of external affairs. “These squadrons have shown a deep commitment to helping their communities understand the importance of staying safe out on the water. This award is our way of saying thanks.”

ABC and the Sea Tow Foundation have a relationship that spans the course of many years and, due to the two organizations’ similar missions and outlook, the duo has partnered on numerous occasions. In fact, ABC honored the Sea Tow Foundation, as well as Sea Tow Services International and Sea Insure with its 2018 Corporate Sponsorship Award at its annual meeting.

“Over the course of our partnership, we’ve learned that our values and goals match up pretty well,” Wesolowski said. “Boating safety and education are paramount to what we do. We’re thankful for this continued partnership and these three squadrons for their work in promoting boating safety in their local communities.”

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