MRAA launches open ‘Call for Solutions’

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MRAA publishes new COVID-19 guidelines for boat dealers

MRAA recently launched an open “Call for Solutions” to solicit educational partnerships throughout 2019. Instead of a traditional “Call for Speakers” for a single event, MRAA is interested in potential solutions across all of its educational offerings, including both its annual conference and expo, Dealer Week, and a host of other educational initiatives.

“Some topics are perfectly suited for a live presentation at Dealer Week, and we’re excited to receive those suggestions,” says Mike Davin, MRAA’s Director of Education. “Other material, however, is more appropriate to a white paper or an in-depth online learning course. For us, it’s all part of an ongoing process of dealer education throughout the year, so for 2019 we’re opening up our call to a greater variety of content.”

Potential partners can submit their solutions via an online form located here.


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