Nominations open for 2019 Boating Industry 40 Under 40, Women Making Waves

Two of Boating Industry’s most popular and well-read editorial features will return early in 2019.

Our editorial staff is now accepting nominations for our 40 Under 40 cover story and Women Making Waves special section that will publish in the March/April print and online issues of Boating Industry.

Please note that this is a change in schedule from previous years and magazine editorial calendars.

The deadline for submitting nominees for either feature is Monday, Jan. 7.

Boating Industry’s annual profile of the best young leaders in the marine industry highlights a unique group that stands out from its boating peers.

Our 40 Under 40 nominees can be from any company or organization that does business in the boating industry and must be under the age of 40 as of Jan. 1, 2019. 

To submit a 40 Under 40 nomination, click here.

Women Making Waves is Boating Industry’s effort to recognize the numerous women in the boating industry who have made large contributions to its success, propelled its growth and led their organizations into the future. 

In 2016, this highly popular and well-read special section honored more than two dozen women in the boating industry who made large contributions to its success. 

The women who were profiled as stand-outs were selected through editorial evaluation by the Boating Industry staff and from recommendations suggested by marine industry professionals.

We are looking for industry thought leaders who are working tirelessly within their marine industry market niche to set new standards for excellence.

Women Making Waves nominees can be from any company or group that does business in the industry, as long as they are showing the vision and leadership to move the industry forward.

To submit a Women Making Waves nomination, click here.

Questions? Please email thennagir and include “Boating Industry 40 Under 40 Query” or “Women Making Waves” in your email subject line. 



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    1. Frank: Please submit a nomination form for Nadia using the one of the links provided in the story. Thanks! —Boating Industry Editor-in-Chief Tim Hennagir

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