ABYC announces Standards Week 10th anniversary plans

The American Boat and Yacht Council, the nonprofit organization that develops the safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance and repair of recreational boats, has announced its 10th annual Standards Week, Jan. 7-11, 2019, at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, Wash.

Throughout the week various Project Technical Committee (PTC) meetings will take place, where the standards under review this year are updated.

Other events occurring during the week include ABYC’s annual meeting and cocktail reception held Jan. 7 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and the full-day Marine Law Symposium held Jan. 8.

“ABYC Standards Week provides multiple platforms in one location for marine professionals to participate and contribute,” said Ward Eshleman, president of Ward’s Marine Electric. “This includes standards review and development in the PTC meetings, industry news and networking at the annual meeting, and professional career development at the Marine Law Symposium. I always view Standards Week as very important for my business gain.”

Standards Week is a critical step in the development of ABYC safety standards.

Participation in the process is required from a diverse group of marine industry professionals, each with different perspectives and areas of expertise.

Attendees learn what standards are being revised or newly considered and how it could affect the future of boating. All are welcome to have a voice in the standards development process.

“Mercury Marine has been an active participant in several of the PTCs for many, many years,” said Pete Chisholm, Mercury Marine product safety engineer. “It is important to be active in standards review and development to keep up with technology changes. An added plus is having the benefit of participating in the discussions when elements are added to a standard because it provides perspective in interpreting the standards.”

Below is a list of the PTC meetings and topics that will be covered this year:

  • Electrical: Lithium Batteries, lightning protection, cathodic protection;
  • Engine and Powertrain: On-water engine emissions testing, exhaust systems;
  • Control Systems: Wireless controls, zone of protection, joystick requirements, dynamic positioning;
  • Electrical Component: Galvanic isolators, battery switches, ignition protection;
  • Hull and Deck Structures: Towed water sports attachment points, strong points, reboarding means, lifelines, windows and portlights;
  • Navigation Lights and Sound Signals: LED navigation lights;
  • Hull Piping: Bilge pumps, water systems, seacocks, thru-hull fittings;
  • Product Interface: Owners and operators manuals, warnings and labels.

More Information About ABYC Standards:

  • In product liability lawsuits, ABYC Standards are the authoritative reference for evaluating issues of design, construction, maintenance and product performance;
  • ABYC Standards are the basis of certification programs, marine surveys and legal judgements;
  • ABYC Standards cover all major boat systems and a broad range of topics including U.S. Federal requirements;
  • ABYC is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited representative to ISO, and works to promote the needs of the U.S. marine industry in relation to ISO;
  • Transport Canada is in process of adopting ABYC Standards and this harmonization will lead to one set of safety standards for the design, construction, and repair of boats in North America.

More information on Standards Week, ABYC’s annual meeting, and the surrounding events can be found at www.abycstandardsweek.com.

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