SeaArk Boats hosts local education center students

SeaArk Boats recently hosted 30 students from Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center, providing manufacturing job education and a tour of the facility.

SEACBEC partners with local schools to provide education opportunities for students and adults in several programs of study, including welding.

Students were able to test out their welding skills and understand the type of welding required at SeaArk. Welsco provided a virtual welding machine called the Lincoln Vrtex Mobile.

The simulator allows users to practice welding without the waste of metal and supplies and is used as a training tool for schools and vocational programs such as SEACBEC.

“We encourage vocational education in schools, such as SEACBEC, that teach honorable trades such as welding and construction,” said SeaArk President Steve Henderson. “We always value the opportunity for young adults to tour our facility. SeaArk is proud of the products that are built and love to collaborate with potentially new team members or future customers.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the Lincoln Vrtex Mobile or having it at your career or manufacturing day, please call Blake James with Welsco at (501) 920-4981.

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