Manufacturing Day offers unique opportunity for boating industry

The National Marine Manufacturers Association is encouraging members to participate in Manufacturing Day, which takes place next Friday, Oct. 5.

This is the boating industry’s opportunity to educate the public about marine manufacturing and encourage young people to explore it as a career, building the industry’s workforce.

It’s also a chance to boost our industry’s advocacy efforts by engaging local decision makers and illustrating the positive economic and community impact of marine manufacturing.

Manufacturing Day events can be held any time during the month of October to tie to Manufacturing Day.

And, to further encourage and entice young people to explore jobs in manufacturing, the Manufacturing Institute has released a first-of-its-kind app to help kids to see the future of modern manufacturing and experience augmented reality.

App users will be able to manufacture a drone from design to assembly. To see a video of how the app works, or download the Smart MFG app, visit

To learn more about Manufacturing Day, host, or find and event, visit

If you plan to do an event, please contact Erica Crocker, who can provide resources and assist in getting an elected official to attend –

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