Watershed Innovations, partners conduct electric boat meeting

Watershed Innovations, Correct Craft’s technology company, hosted a kick-off meeting this week with the University of Central Florida (UCF) as part of the project effort to develop a quiet aluminum fishing boat with electric propulsion.

Representatives from UCF, SeaDek, and Torqeedo met with engineers from SeaArk Boats at the Correct Craft facility to discuss construction methods and answer questions.

Founded earlier this year, Watershed Innovations is focused on identifying, researching, developing and integrating exponential technologies to benefit Correct Craft, its subsidiaries and the marine industry.

Watershed Innovations President Sean Marrero presented Correct Craft’s history and then went on to describe its recent innovative initiative.

After opening comments and introductions, the group went through very detailed questions on the overall design and application of the boat that is going to be developed.

From UCF’s senior engineering program there will be fourteen students involved representing mechanical engineering, computer science, computer system engineering and electrical engineering. UCF Professor Dr. Mark Steiner will help teach and facilitate students during this project.

“It was great having all of our partners come together to discuss developing a quieter aluminum fishing boat,” said Watershed Innovation President Sean Marrero. “Getting outside ideas is a vital part of the work we are doing at Watershed Innovations. Collaborating with the students has also brought a lot of excitement to the project and is a reminder of the bright future we see for the boating industry.”

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