Malibu Boats introduces new member to tower family

Malibu Boats has introduced the newest member of its tower family, the Malibu Gx Tower, which will replace the company’s G4 tower product.

The Gx (pronounced “G ten”) features fully powered raising and lowering at the touch of a dial.

The sturdy and reliable G3.5 will continue to be Malibu’s standard tower with its gas-spring-assisted weightless raising and lowering, but the Gx will be available as a premium option throughout the majority of the Wakesetter line for those who want the ultimate in convenience.

Malibu is the only inboard boat company to make all of its towers in house.

“Keeping production in our California plant maintains a level of quality to the standard of our boats, which continue to lead the pack year after year in sales volume. We built the Gx tough, too. We tested it for 3,500 cycles over a period of three weeks to make sure it would stand the test of time,” said Eric Bondy, Malibu Boats vice president of sales and marketing. 

Six hoop color options, five billet color options, and adding white or black Rev 10 speakers are options for customizing a tower. The Gx also has fully integrated bimini and board rack options to keep the boat shaded and free of clutter.

Purpose-built from aircraft aluminum with no pinch points, the new Gx is only available on a 2019 Malibu.

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