ABYC publishes updated boat building, repair standards

The American Boat and Yacht Council has published its 58th supplement of “Standards and Technical Information Report for Small Craft” which covers all major boat systems and provides boat building and repair guidelines.

ABYC standards are continuously researched, developed and revised by over 400 volunteer technical experts and marine professionals.

“Each year the standards are updated to reflect changes in industry best practices and advancements in technology,” said Brian Goodwin, ABYC technical director. “With new requirements for fire detection, and bus bars and a new Technical Information report on Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), Supplement 58 of Standards and Technical information for Small Craft is a must have.”

2018-2019 Revisions Include:
A-1, Marine Liquefied Petroleum LPG Systems
A-4, Fire Fighting Equipment
A-6, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment
A-22, Marine Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems
A-23, Sound Signal Appliances
A-26, LPG and CNG Fueled Appliances
A-30, Cooking Appliances With Integral LPG Cylinders
A-33, Emergency Engine/Propulsion Cut-Off Devices
E-11, AC & DC Electrical Systems On Boats
E-30, Electrical Propulsion Systems
H-32, Ventilation of Boats Using Diesel Fuel
P-17, Mechanical Steering Systems
P-18, Cable Over Pulley Steering Systems For Outboard Engines
P-22, Steering Wheels
Technical Information Reports:
T-31, Marine Law Enforcement Craft Acquisition and Safety
T-32, Design and Construction in Consideration of AIS
TE-12, Three Phase AC Electrical Systems on Boats

In its online library, ABYC is also providing a new overview document which highlights the major changes and revisions in Supplement 58.

“When combining the overview document along with the Supplement 58 compliance audit tool, users will better be able to confirm compliance requirements for their 2020 model year product,”said Craig Scholten, ABYC technical vice president. “These tools offer a manufacturer’s engineering, design, development, prototype, compliance and quality staff an excellentroadmap and a consistent approach to product compliance requirements.”

Visit www.abycinc.org/store to purchase the standards or download ABYC’s compliance tools.

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