Malibu introduces new 2019 22 LSV model

Malibu Boats introduced the Wakesetter 22 LSV, for 2019.

The 22 LSV offers the most space for a boat its size. The 22-foot length allows for towing and garage storage with all the accolades the LSV family offers. It has seating for 14 in a traditional-bow design with easy access to the spacious front lounge area.
New advances in the 2019 22 LSV include a fresh interior featuring a redesigned helm seat­ and an additional Malibu Wake View Bench Seat bench seat to provide seating options for a full day on the water.

“We are so excited to introduce the all-new 22 LSV into our LSV lineup for 2019.  With the 23 LSV being the best-selling towboat year after year, the 22 LSV takes that pedigree and packs it into a perfectly sized frame for families of all sizes,” said Malibu Boats VP of Sales and Marketing Eric Bondy.

The 22 LSV begins with the industry’s only sport-specific hull options. Consumers can choose from Malibu’s Diamond Multisport Hull to create slalom flats while still churning wakes and waves that satisfy any die-hard boarder. When the wakesurf board and wakeboard are all the weekend calls for, the Wake Plus Hull allows the 22 LSV to generate the biggest wakes and waves in its class.

Malibu’s sport-specific hulls are paired with our exclusive Integrated Surf Platform (I.S.P.), which brings together multiple systems that combine to transform the water into the ultimate wakeboarding or surfing experience. This starts with Malibu’s Surf Gate system. The standard in wave creation, Surf Gate allows for perfect barreling waves with the touch of a button. Users can change the wave easily from port to starboard while riding with a quick three-second transfer time. 

The 22 LSV’s Quad Hard-Tank Ballast is now loaded with Max Ballast L-shaped rear ballast tanks, enabling even more wake and wave displacement. The system can also have optional plug-n-play ballast bags for a bigger, more customizable wake. With the use of an integrated float sensor, the driver can monitor the full ballast system via the Malibu Command Center, a feature only Malibu offers within the industry. The optional patented Power Wedge III hydrofoil lets users carve an even bigger wake by instantly adding up to 1,500 pounds of additional wake-generating water displacement. Combined, the Quad Hard-Tank Ballast and Power Wedge III give the 22 LSV full wake customization for riders of all ages and ability levels to have their best day on the water.

Controlling the I.S.P. can be done using the Malibu Command Center, the optional Sport Dash Rotary Dial, or push-button controls mounted on the Malibu Command Wheel, all easily accessible from the helm. Additionally, the Surf Band Wrist Remote lets the rider adjust the Power Wedge III, Surf Gate, boat speed, and volume of the rear-facing tower speakers right from the Surf Band. 

The new 2019 22 LSV also includes the option of the new Malibu Gx Tower, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. Programmable actuators allow the tower to fold with ease as the user rotates the switch to help guide the tower into a lowered position. Choose from six hoop color options, five billet color options, and add white or black Rev 10 speakers to fully customize your tower. 

Malibu Soft Grip material covers the flooring and swimboard to enhance comfort and function. 

More information on the 2019 22 LSV can be found on the Malibu website.

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