Correct Craft’s Watershed Innovations partners with University of Central Florida

Watershed Innovations, a Correct Craft technology initiative, is partnering with the University of Central Florida’s Senior Engineering Design Program to develop a quiet aluminum fishing boat with electric propulsion.

The project will be done in collaboration with engineers from SeaArk Boats, Correct Craft’s aluminum fishing boat company. 

Students will apply advanced technologies including computational fluid dynamics and electric propulsion to create a boat that is both lightweight to maximize range and ultra-quiet to help catch more fish.

UCF’s Senior Design Program is a yearlong project for engineering students to work with companies and faculty advisors to design, build and test prototypes so that they can display their talents and gain real world experience.
Dr. Mark Steiner, the UCF engineering professor supporting the project.

“We are so grateful to our partners,” said Dr. Mark Steiner, the UCF engineering professor supporting the project. “Partnering with companies for senior design gives our students a unique opportunity to work in a real-world environment. It also gives local companies access to a pipeline of qualified candidates. It’s a win-win.”
Correct Craft President and CEO Bill Yeargin added: “It’s exciting to collaborate with UCF students on this project that will help mold the future of fishing boat technologies. Our vision is to not only improve the marine industry, but also to progress in research and development. Partnering with key groups is an important part of Watershed’s model and UCF is the nation’s top partnership university.”
Yeargin said innovation will be critical to survival in the next decade of exponential technological change. Correct Craft kicked off its Watershed Innovations initiative a few months ago to both create a better future for our industry and to provide Correct Craft companies with the most advanced technology possible.

“We are investing millions of dollars into Watershed in an effort to capitalize on global trends that will change the world,” Yeargin said.
The Watershed Innovations team can be contacted at

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