Dominion Domains reports rise in open-market registrations

Dominion Domains is celebrating the initial success of its first open-market domain extension.

.Boats domain names are now available for purchase in the open market without restrictions, and registrations have nearly doubled from late 2017 as a result.

Industry leaders like Sea Ray have started to make both defensive and strategic investments in .boats domains with an eye to the future, said Shelby Kirby, director of marketing for Sea Ray.

“In the boating industry, your brand is your most valuable asset,” Kirby said. “We secured our brands’ .boats and .yachts domain names to protect ourselves from the competition and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to online marketing,”

When .coms were first introduced to the market, savvy consumers would purchase popular brand domain names with hopes of a buy-out down the road.

Like Sea Ray, many other marine industry companies, including large retailers like Bass Pro Shop, have stayed ahead of the market and secured a total of over 250 domains in a smart move to protect their brands.

Leaders like Boat History Report have also seen this as an opportunity to secure some of the top new URLs in the industry.

“Boat History Report is very excited about the ability to purchase .boats domains, both to secure our name, but also to expand our portfolio of boating-centric websites,” said Caroline Mantel, director of business development for Boat History Report. “.Boats is an opportunity for us to create a stronger web presence, strengthen our brand, and more effectively market our service to the boating community. This TLD enhances trust in the online boating segment by offering better branding and easily-identifiable web addresses for the marine industry and the consumers it serves.”

.Boats domain names are compatible with any website. To see if your company’s best URL is still available, visit

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