Boating Industry’s 2018 Top Products

50 of the newest and most innovative products for the marine industry

For the fifth annual Boating Industry Top Products list, we’ve hand-picked 50 of the newest or updated products and services for the boating industry, ranging from engines to accessories to apps and more.

In order to be eligible, products or services had to have been introduced or significantly updated since January 2017. 

The following list of products stood out from hundreds of nominations for their impact on the industry, innovation and how they advance their product category – or create something completely new.


Argos Nautic 330 Jet

The 11-foot five-passenger waterjet-powered RIB was designed from the ground-up to be powered by the Textron 850 MPE intercooled turbo four-stroke engine. Like all Argos Nautic boats, the 330 JET is more than semi-custom. The 330 JET offers seating with spacious storage for luggage, coolers and water sports equipment. With dual swim platforms and an integrated ladder, it makes the ideal day boat. With a beam of 5-feet- 8-inches and minimal height, the 330 JET fits into many yacht and sailboat garages. It weighs 750 lbs. fully rigged, including the integrated 10-gallon fuel tank.


Bayliner VR4

The VR4’s overall length of 18 feet makes for effortless towing and storage, but this compact model offers much more than other boats its size. Like the other models in the VR Series, the VR4 utilizes Bayliner’s innovative design that carries the full beam further and positions the rear seating area at the aft-most point of the running surface, giving this bowrider the usable space found in boats up to two feet longer. The VR4 offers several seating configurations, with optional inserts that create an extra bow seat and moveable backrests for customizable stern seating. The VR4 is also available in sterndrive and outboard power options. 


Blue Sea Systems M2 OLED Bilge Monitor

The new M2 OLED Bilge meter monitors up to four bilges. The bright, daylight readable OLED display shows all the information needed to ensure that the bilges are operating properly. It provides information such as pump ON indication, run time in last 60 minutes, cycles in last 24 hours, and cycles in average 24 hour period. The M2 Bilge monitor integrates custom alarms to alert any potential bilge issues. The housing is designed for flat panel or surface mounting, so it is ideal for any size vessel.


Brigade Wakesurfing LED Circuit Board 2.0

The LED Circuit Board 2.0 is the first LED wakesurf board with wireless charging technology that’s controlled remotely. Brigade Wakesurfing created the first version in 2016, which was a single-color led option. The new 2.0 version is fully color changing, with 300-plus chase modes and designs, five levels of brightness, and ability to stop on any color/mode you wish. All the electronics, battery, and LEDs are all built into the EPS foam core of the board and fiberglassed over to keep everything water tight and safe from damage. To charge the board, just set the wireless induction puck on the board above the wireless charging receiver inside the board, with 3-4 hours of charging resulting in 6-8 hours of ride time depending on brightness setting of LEDs.


Carver Yachts C34 Coupe

Designed to create a live-aboard experience for a couple, the C34 has 6 feet, 8 inches of headroom throughout its main level—and as much as 6 feet, 5 inches in the lower level. The C34’s large master stateroom is accompanied by a full stand-up head with separate shower compartment. While the boat was designed with couples in mind, the C34’s versatile layout can be tailored to suit a family with children or owners who expect to host onboard guests regularly. An extra bulkhead with door is an available option, turning the C34 into a two-stateroom boat. 


Crownline E23 XS

The E23 XS is built on Crownline’s patented F.A.S.T. Tab hull design, which stabilizes the hull for smooth, high speed turning and getting on plane fast. The boat features a walk-through and a J-Shape cockpit. The aft sun lounge is electric and easily adjusts from sitting up to lying flat – and all positions in between. Snap-in cockpit carpet, LED cockpit lighting and enclosed head compartment with handheld shower, sink with solid surface countertop, opening portlight and porta-potti are also standard features on the E23 XS. Additional standard features include a Kicker marine stereo with full color LCD display and variable dimmer with day/night mode, AM/FM weatherband multi-regional tuner, USB with iPod, iPhone and Android charge, AUX input and Bluetooth. There are eight Wetsounds speakers throughout the boat, a battery charger, bow flip-up arm rests, flush fit bow walk thru door, bimini top, bow and cockpit canvas, depth sounder, docking lights, dual battery switch and more.


Davis Instruments Snap Tool Multi-Key

The newly updated palm-sized Snap Tool Multi-Key features 8mm, 10mm and 13mm hex wrenches, in addition to 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, and 1/2”. The tool also features a scraper, slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers, and recessed cutting blade. A button snapper and unsnapper is perfect for corroded snaps and weather-tightened fabric. The zipper pull conquers the most stubborn zippers and even works when the pull is missing. A pair of deck plate keys opens all deck caps on the market today, while the shackle tool releases even rusty pins. Lastly, the tool features a bottle opener and a lanyard hole.


DockMaster Ideas Portal

This website is available only to DockMaster dealers, marinas and boatyards. The idea behind the portal is to permit DockMaster clients to submit ideas about what they would like to see improved in the DockMaster software. After idea submission, other dealers can review and comment on ideas submitted by their fellow dealers. Furthermore, dealers can vote on ideas they like. DockMaster then reviews all of the ideas and comments, as well as the voting activity on each submitted idea to determine what goes into future releases of DockMaster. 


Dometic CFX-75DZW

The Dometic CFX-75DZW creates a new way of keeping drinks cold and food fresh. The CFX is a powered cooler, which can either create a new category or advance the existing cooler category. As a powered cooler, it can be hooked up to 12V, 24V or 110V or even used with solar power. Keep the CFX in the boat all the time, or take it with you as it is easy to carry. The dual zone capabilities allows users to freeze items at the same time as they refrigerate. 


Evinrude iDock

iDock is the latest addition to the Evinrude Intelligent Piloting System, a suite of Evinrude E-TEC G2 engine features designed to instill confidence in all boaters, by making their boat easy and intuitive to operate. Features include: iSteer integrated dynamic power steering, iTrim automatic trim system, iControl digital shift and throttle, and iLink mobile display interface. These intelligent features take the guesswork out of operating a boat, and offer users total boat and engine control. iDock is a fully integrated system that connects with the existing internal hydraulic steering feature of select Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines.


FELL Marine MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard System

The MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard system is an innovative, ABYC compliant, life-saving safety device. Up to four xFOBs can be connected to the xHUB at the same time, with one unit acting as the captain’s stop unit, and the additional three as alarm units for passengers. The system consists of an easy-to-install xHUB (mounted on or near the boat console) and a wearable xFOB. The xFOB can be worn on your wrist, around your neck, or clipped to your PFD using either the xBAND or xTAG accessories. The waterproof xFOB has more than 300 hours of battery life, and is powered by a standard coin cell battery. The xHUB connects to boat power (12V-24V) and to your engine stopping system. 


Gatorbak Premium Clear Bunk Covers

Gatorbak has been asked by individual customers for years about many different color options for its Synthetic Bunk Covers. Now your bunks can be any color you choose to make them. The Premium Clear covers will work with Optional LED strips and chosen custom paint finishes. Create a custom look for your bunk boards and apply the New Gatorbak Synthetic Bunk Cover in Premium Clear to have the very best in protection and Style. Premium Clear Bunk Covers Offer the same quality protection and durability as any color of Gatorbak Synthetic bunk covers. Covers are available in all common length and sizes.


Glomex AGC TV Antennas

With conventional TV amplifiers, you have to manually adjust the TV signal gain by lowering the amplification when the signal is strong and by increasing the amplification when the boat is at sea and far from the TV transmitter. With the new AGC antennas from Glomex Marine Antennas, the amplifier can be placed in a hidden location inside the boat. The essential style, aerodynamic lines with the “shark fin” for receiving vertically polarized TV signals, reinforced base to ensure maximum stability of the antenna in any condition, compact size and high quality construction materials make these antennas a boater’s choice. The amplifier can even act as a FM antenna to feed signal to the boat’s stereo.


Glomex WeBBoat 4GPlus

The WeBBoat 4GPLUS is the first unique and award-winning 4G/3G/Wi-Fi DUAL SIM integrated system made to surf the Internet, ensuring stable and high-speed data connections up to approximately 20 miles from shore. The WeBBoat is equipped with two 4G Diversity antennas that receive cellular and Wi-Fi signals and create a personal and safe Wi-Fi hotspot on the boat. Up to 32 devices can be used simultaneously using the WeBBoat without sacrificing speed or performance. The WeBBoat is a plug and play device and only requires 12-30 Vdc power, one/two SIM cards, or an active Wi-Fi network for surfing the Internet to avoid unwanted roaming costs. 


Hardin Marine Outboard Swivel Thu Rigging Flange Kit

Hardin Marine’s new precision-machined non-corrosive 2264 Delrin directional swivel hose connection provides 12 degrees of angle for hose/tube movement and a watertight seal. With hidden non-exposed mounting hardware this unit features the ultimate in a clean, smooth finish. The unit is threaded so that the rigging hose screws counter clockwise into the swivel ball connector, requiring no additional hardware for hose attachment. This multi-angle rigging tube connector is available in an OEM black finish or with an optional polished stainless steel trim ring, both individually or as a kit with rigging hose. Kits include a Transom swivel connector, No. 10 attachment screws, 5-foot long 2, 1/2’ diameter premium corrugated black rigging hose that is durable, flexible, and kink resistant. 


Hatteras Yachts HattCON

Integrated into some of the newest Hatteras Yachts is the new HattCON total ship management system, the result of a two-year collaboration between Hatteras Yachts’ R&D team and the Luxury Yachts division of Böning in Germany. HattCON eliminates the multiple modules and operating systems that typically populate a yacht’s bridge, replacing them with a single ship management interface. The glass bridge system fully integrates navigation with ship management, security and house systems such as lights and HVAC controls in a proprietary new touchscreen interface, mirrored through iPhone and iPad applications.


Hinckley Yachts Dasher

Designed from the ground up for fully electric propulsion, the Dasher features Twin 80hp Electric Motors for quiet propulsion and zero emissions. It also features Dual 50 Amp Dock Charging which will accept dual 50 amp charging cables so you can charge twice as fast as the most popular plug-in electric cars. The Dasher gains a full charge in under four hours with dual 50 amp charging. The Dasher is powered by BMW i3 Waterproof Lithium Ion Batteries, with a prismatic cell design for efficient cooling and temperature distribution with compact size and superior shock resistance.


Honda 40, 65, 105 Jet Outboards

The new lineup of jet-propelled marine motors pairs Honda powerheads with jet drives designed to improve the boating experience in ultra-shallow waters. All three new models offer the same dependable, quiet and fuel-efficient operation as the Honda BF Series of propeller-driven models, with the maneuverability and added benefits of a jet-propulsion system.


Humminbird SOLIX 10

Humminbird has added another screen size option to its SOLIX series – the 10-inch screen joins the 12- and 15-inch screen models. The new SOLIX offers a Cross-Touch Interface screen, MEGA Imaging, CHIRP Digital Sonar, AUTOCHART Live and Bluetooth connectivity. Humminbird’s MEGA Imaging is the first Down and Side Imaging technology to enter the megahertz range with performance that’s nearly three times greater than traditional 455 kHz frequencies. AUTOCHART Live is an exclusive Humminbird technology that maps and saves depth contours, bottom hardness and vegetation data on any body of water.


Infinity by Harman INF-BC4 Pre-Amp Bluetooth Controller

The new Infinity by Harman INF-BC4 Pre-Amp Bluetooth Controller from Prospec Electronics allows anyone with an enabled BT device to stream their favorite music. The all-weather INF-BC4 features a rotary encoder and large buttons for ease of use while moving. Power, volume and track up/down is simple and intuitive. Once connected, the phone or other BT-enabled device can be stored safely in a glove box, console or pocket. Installation of the INF-BC4 controller is a breeze. It’s flush-mounted with no visible hardware and requires a 1-3/8” hole. Connecting the unit to the amplifier is a matter of plugging in its RCA outputs to the input off the amplifier. The amplifier is not required to be brand specific.


Life Cell Marine Safety Life Cell

Life Cell is a buoyant, float-free device that can store all the essential safety equipment to ensure survival. It is highly visible with clear signage and is simple to use even for the novice boater. Life Cell also comes with lanyards so that users can tether themselves to the device. Life Cell is designed to be mounted on a bracket in an easy to access location where it can automatically deploy in the event of a boat sinking or capsizing. Life Cell has been Type Approved as a Novel Life Saving Appliance and is classified as a Throwable Buoyancy Device that can support 1-4 persons and can be mounted 30 meters above the waterline. 


Lowe Boats Stinger Model Gunnel Track Cleat System

The new Gunnel Track Cleat System on Lowe’s Stinger model was created in response to Customer Service Index scores indicating dissatisfaction with fish boat cleats. The company’s design and engineering team worked with supplier partner Traxstech to develop a cleat plate that could insert into the receiver track of the gunnel, rather than being installed in any one position.

As a result, cleats can simply be screwed into the cleat plate, safely out of the way of fishing lines, hands and arms. Cleats can also be moved along the gunnel track to the precise location a boater prefers, with very little time or effort required. This allows cleats to be used for more than simply tying off at the dock. 


Malibu Boats Surf Band Control with Volume

Malibu’s Surf Band ties towboat driver and towboat rider together in safe, easy tandem. The Surf Band takes the focus on entertainment and music from the driver and gives control to the rider. Volume control on the tower is maintained by the rider via the Surf Band, while passengers can adjust the volume in the cockpit to their own liking.


MarineMax Service Express App

Available for both Android and iOS, the MarineMax Service Express App mobile app gives customers a quick and easy route to not just scheduling service for their boat, but monitoring progress and communications as well. Boat information as well as payment are saved in the customer’s account for future service requests. Multiple boats can be stored in an account, and service can be performed at the boat’s current location depending on the work being completed. Customers can communicate with their MarineMax service advisor through the app – receiving and approving estimates, asking questions and even tracking the service technician’s travel and arrival to their boat.  


Marquis-Larson Boat Group Lexus Sport Yacht Concept

It all started with a question – what would a Lexus be or look like if it were a boat? The sport yacht would be powered by the same twin 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engines based on the 2UR-GSE high-performance engine of the Lexus RC F coupe, the GS F sport sedan, the new LC 500 grand tourer, and new LS 500. Technology is another core element of the boat as found in each Lexus whether it is the use of carbon fiber in the construction of the hull and deck or the captain controls and monitors onboard systems from a color touchscreen panel at the helm; showing GPS navigation, digital charts, surface radar, underwater sonar, lighting and entertainment systems.


Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus

ChargeMaster Plus is a next-generation battery charger that integrates multiple functions into one single device. Replacing auxiliary chargers, battery isolators and VSR, ChargeMaster Plus reduces system complexity and cost. It charges virtually any combination of three batteries at high. Unique features include a Revival mode that automatically revives fully depleted batteries, multi-voltage options that charge 12V starter battery in a 24V system, without additional components, and a priority charge that redirects available power to the lowest battery.


Mercury Marine 3.4L V6 Outboard

The new outboard from Mercury Marine employs a large displacement, naturally aspirated powerhead, proven mid-section and drive system designs. Additionally, the 3.4L V6 offers consumers mechanical or digital controls, hydraulic (standard) or power (optional) steering, and a multitude of colors including both black or white cowls and a variety of accent color panels, in 175, 200 and 225 horsepower models. The new engine is 475 pounds. In fuel efficiency, the new 3.4L V6 is calibrated to maximize cruise fuel economy. The new lineup features a top cowl service door for easy oil checks and fills without removing the cowl, idle charge battery management capabilities, and Advanced Speed Control to maintain RPM regardless of load or condition changes.


Minn Kota Talon

The new Minn Kota Talon gives anglers control from anywhere in the boat. The Talon comes in a variety of depth sizes, including a new 15-foot version. The Talon can be activated by anglers anywhere in the boat in five different ways. The newest way utilizes Bluetooth communication to pair the Talon with Humminbird units on the boat for total boat control on one console. The Talon can also be controlled by engaging the foot switch, wireless remote, Talon smartphone app, and with the Talon’s built-in control panel. 


Monterey Boats 385SE

The 385SE is an outboard-powered super express with bowrider seating, triple outboard power, and plenty of live-aboard accommodations. Cockpit seating options include a three-position lounger, L-lounge seating, combing foldaway seat, and bow seating. The cabin features a settee, as well as doublewide berth, refrigerator, microwave, Blu-ray player, Fusion stereo and flat screen TV. The 385SE is also equipped with a large head compartment with sink with faucet and storage, shower and enclosed fiberglass head unit.


MyTaskit Pro

MyTaskit Pro was updated to include features such as an advanced scheduling system, a new notification system that sends out job details, a new real-time interface for synchronization, a new training video library, and much more. The platform integrates with a company’s existing business management systems (DockMaster, Quickbooks, etc), by sharing critical job and customer data, thereby avoiding double-entry of data, and cutting down the amount of administrative paperwork for service teams. 


OnBoard Solutions TruePower Plus Inverter

TruePower Plus converts 12VDC to 110VAC household power and will pass through AC shore power with its built in transfer switch. The TruePower Plus series offers a dual color user interface consisting of: an LCD display, AC Power output and DC input power gauges. LED indicators are used for power input type and service notification. TruePower Plus inverters are available in both Modified Sine Wave 1,200, 1,500 and 2,000 watts and Pure Sine Wave models in 1,000 and 2,000 watt models.


PropEle Electric Boat Motors, Inc. EP Carry

EP Carry’s high-torque motor provides continuous control from forward through reverse with a twist of a knob at hull speed-plus for 60 minutes of full-throttle runtime. Its 6.4-pound waterproof battery sits inboard in its own PFD case, and at 14 pounds, almost anyone can lift it. The long tiller with all controls at the knob end allows center seating for trim while beaching/raising the motor, reverse, and resetting the electronic shear pin, so no standing or leaning is required. 


Pursuit Boats DC 365

The new DC 365 Dual Console features forward bow and port side lounge seating, a swivel seat at the helm and patent-pending fold away seating at the transom and under the gunwale. Additional features include a large tempered glass windshield with walkthrough, wide walkways from bow to stern and large storage compartments. The cabin is easily accessible with a fiberglass door and features solid wood accents with modern finishes, a full berth forward and a comfortable aft berth. Foldaway seating quickly transforms a social venue to a wide-open, fish-ready cockpit with hull side door, livewell, gunwale mounted rod holders, and insulated fish-boxes in the floor.


RCO Engineering Add A Lounge 

Add A Lounge from RCO Engineering offers a fully adjustable, lightweight forward lounge seat that can easily be installed and removed to convert into a casting seat that fits on the forward deck. The Add A Lounge folds to a compact storable unit giving you move around space.


RM Industries, Inc. ProControll EZ Mount II

EZ Mount II is a replacement bracket for many Minn Kota transom mounted trolling motors, including but not limited to, Endura Max, Endura C2 models and Ripe Tide motors that allows the motor to be mounted on the bow of a jon or utility boat. It also allows you to take your trolling motor off the transom. 


S2 Yachts 38 LS Tiara Sport

The Tiara Sport 38 features walk-around capabilities, island-style outdoor galley and bridge and lounge seats reachable via both port and starboard entries. The key innovation on the 38 LS is the rotating aft u-lounge; lift a latch and rotate the entire assembly 180 degrees. The 38 LS is powered by triple Yamaha 350’s. A glass cockpit and integrated electronics, including Garmin marine navigation systems, provide ease-of-use for the Captain, and optional Yamaha Helm Master Joystick steering provides additional control whether underway or docking. 


Sabre 45 Salon Express

Sabre’s latest design features the inclusion of a utility space located between the engine room and the guest stateroom. By utilizing this space for optional utilities like washer and dryer, extra fridge or freezer, or wine chiller, the remaining storage and galley space in the living areas are retained for their original purposes. The Sabre 45 features two private staterooms, each with their own head and shower stall. At sea trial, the Sabre 45 provided a top end speed of 32 knots and a cruise speed of 27.6 knots.


Scribble Software Inc. MARINAGO Office

The new MARINAGO Office Suite marina management solution takes marinas into the next generation of property management. The new software features advanced marina management, multiple marina/property support, transient, seasonal, and recurring occupancy options, AI enhanced reservation assignments, and integrated google maps, task management, visual map designer and QuickBooks accounting. 


Sea Ray SDX 250 Outboard

Bow to stern, the new Sea Ray SDX 250 features design innovations that maximize space, versatility and ease of use. Sea Ray’s transom design preserves swim platform space and ease of access, while allowing for outboard propulsion. Space is maximized in the cockpit. Large portside lounge seating and opposing starboard seating create a natural social zone, while two large in-floor lockers hold extra gear. Forward, a portside walkthrough provides access to the bow. The unique placement of the portside walkthrough offer a spacious head and storage. Available in sterndrive- and outboard-powered variants, the SDX 250 is well-suited for coastal and inland markets. 


Shakespeare 4366-R Mast mount

The new 4366-R Mast Mount from Shakespeare provides a firm, robust base to install a wide variety of antennas. Built of corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic stainless steel, the 4366-R Mast Mount is RoHS-compliant. A 1”-14 threaded, hollow stud and two 5/8” mounting holes provide plenty of options to attach equipment.


Skier’s Choice AutoWake 2.0

AutoWake 2.0 is a patented technology that continuously sensors and controls variables like ballast, plates, pitch, roll and yaw. Integrated sensors constantly measure for changes in weight distribution inside the boat. All-new Predictive State Technology predicts the static (at rest) pitch and roll necessary to achieve the proper dynamic (at speed) pitch and roll for a precise wave every time. The AutoWake 2.0 is offered as an exclusive option on Moomba and Supra towboats.


Smoker Craft Lounge Arm Galley

Smoker Craft Inc. has introduced the lounge arm galley option. Hidden in the chaise box of a standard lounger is a compact galley unit. Once revealed, the galley features a functional counter top, a sink with pressure water, drink holders, a bottle opener and bottle holders. The compact design allows the galley to be deployed while only sacrificing one seat.  


Star brite ULTIMATE Magic Sponge Scuff & Stream Remover

Star brite’s new ULTIMATE Magic Sponge Scuff & Streak Remover offers a way to remove tough grime, scuff marks and stains from most surfaces. The two-sided foam pad is made up of millions of micro-bubbled cleaning compounds that remove stains and scuffs on contact without scratching or bleaching color. Used wet or dry, the Magic Sponge “erases” dirt and stains from fiberglass, vinyl and painted surfaces when cleaning decks, seat cushions, swim platforms and other areas of the boat above and below deck. 


Starcraft Marine Star step 221 Surf Series

The Star Step is not a surf boat, but rather a surfable deckboat. The Star Step Surf Series features three ballast bags, two in the stern and one in the center floor locker, Zero Off Speed Control and Wake Worx Surf Tabs, along with the Volvo Penta FWD Drive.  


Suzuki DF350A

The Suzuki DF350A’s most distinguishing feature is an exclusive contra-rotating dual prop. In addition to its dual prop system, the DF350A features a high-performance 12-to-1 compression ratio, dual fuel injectors for precise intake control and a unique dual louver system that allows for ample direct air intake while trapping all incoming moisture.


Symtec, Inc. Marine Heated Steering Wheel

Originally created for the powersports industry, Symtec, Inc. is bringing its heated products to the marine industry. The patent-pending Rotational Power Device (RPD) technology brings a new level of heated comfort for boat owners. It includes a thermal safety cutoff switch to prevent overheating, and allows for custom designs to fit any brand.


Volvo Penta D13-1000 HP Engine and IPS1350

The new D13-1000 diesel engine and its companion IPS1350 pod drive version represent Volvo Penta’s most powerful IPS package ever. In creating the new 1,000 hp model, Volvo Penta engineers undertook a major redesign of the 13-liter engine, including new pistons, highly efficient injectors and improved cooling systems, which combine to produce 11 percent more power. When integrated with IPS pod drives, the resulting D13-IPS1350 system produces the equivalent power of a 1,350 hp engine. The IPS1350 is available in twin, triple or quad installations.


Weems & Plath CrewWatcher MOB Alert

CrewWatcher is an app-based crew overboard alarm system. The system works like a virtual lifeline and is made up of two components: a smartphone application and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by each crew member. The beacon does not require complex manual activation. Should someone go overboard, it will automatically sound an alarm, provide lat/long coordinates of the MOB event, the time of the event, and will visually guide the rescuer. The App operates on most smart phones or tablets, with no cell service required. It also automatically updates with new features. One smart device watches up to five crew members.


Yamaha Helm Master Set Point

Helm Master Set Point is a fully integrated boat control system with three primary modes: Stay Point, Fish Point, and Drift Point. Stay Point keeps the boat positioned near a particular spot; it maintains a selected position and heading. Fish Point enhances fishing options; it maintains a selected position, but not a heading, and primarily uses only idle RPM to do so. Drift Point allows the boater to drift the boat with the wind or the current; it maintains a selected heading, but not a position.


Yamaha V MAX SHO 90

Yamaha’s V MAX SHO 90 does not need an oil tank, which means more space for storage or batteries. In addition, the all-new V MAX SHO 90 can be rigged for use with Yamaha’s multifunction tiller handle. Other features include a full 35 amps of alternator power and a long-span mounting system for less vibration.   



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