New Bass Cat, Yar-Craft production facility breaks ground

Correct Craft’s brands Bass Cat and Yar-Craft’s recently announced expansion plan will increase their production capacity of boats by over 50 percent. The construction of the new facility will begin in May.

Since Correct Craft acquired Bass Cat and Yar-Craft in 2015, the company has experienced significant growth, more than 80 percent in sales.

Demand for the Bass Cat and Yar-Craft product has now exceeded the capacity of the company’s long-time production facility in Mountain Home, Ark.

During the past three years, improved marketing, sales and new product have driven demand for the Bass Cat and Yar-Craft boats in excess of market growth.

The new facility will allow Bass Cat and Yar-Craft to reduce its significant backlog and provide both dealers and retail customers the boats they desire.

Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin joined Bass Cat and Yar-Craft President Rick Pierce for a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the expansion project.

“I’m thrilled to see what the future holds for Bass Cat and Yar-Craft. The entire team has worked hard to get where we are today, and the expansion project will help our thrust into the future. Things here are extremely bright,” Pierce said.

Yeargin said he’s proud of the initiatives Pierce and his team have implemented the past three years to improve all aspects of Bass Cat and Yar-Craft. Those initiatives have resulted in a significant increase in demand for the company’s products, Yeargin added.

“Correct Craft is thrilled to make this additional investment in Bass Cat and Yar-Craft to allow their team to have the resources they need to expand the capacity to continue building the world’s best bass and walleye fishing boats,” Yeargin said.

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