Correct Craft’s Watershed Innovations bolsters online presence

Correct Craft’s latest venture, Watershed Innovations, is now represented online with an all-new webpage.

Watershed is partnering with global organizations developing technologies that are strategically aligned with its business, including energy and propulsion, artificial intelligence, software and analytics, advanced materials, sensors, wireless, robotics, virtual/augmented reality and automation.

These collaborative projects with innovative organizations will position Correct Craft and its brands at the forefront of technology and information.

“As always, Correct Craft brands are pushing the boundaries of what can be done in the marine industry, and Watershed Innovations is one more step towards that progression,” said Bill Yeargin, president and CEO of Correct Craft. “The new web page will increase the brand awareness of Watershed and allow us to better connect with those both inside and outside our industry.”

Watershed Innovations will enhance Correct Craft’s position as a global leader through the relationships the company establishes. “Our team looks to working with people around the world on this exciting initiative,” Yeargin added.

As a Correct Craft company, Watershed’s core values are built around people, performance, and philanthropy and the new brand will approach business with these in mind, Yeargin explained. And because of the extensive network through its sister companies, Watershed is already connected to world-class brands, distribution and operations.

This progression under the Watershed Innovations division will complement the innovative work that Correct Craft employees are already doing around the world.

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