Weego announces TowBoatU.S. jump starter partnership

Weego, a manufacturer of portable power products including jump starters and rechargeable battery packs, has announced TowBoatU.S. has selected the company as its jump starter of choice.

“To be acknowledged by this world-class, professional organization of towing and recovery captains is an awesome validation of our products,” said Weego CEO Gerry Toscani.

TowBoatU.S. is driven to providing its members with exceptional service while on the water through their 24/7 service. Weego has a similar goal, Toscani said.

To launch the partnership with 300 TowBoatU.S. locations across the U.S. and encourage on-board use, TowBoatU.S. operators will receive a discount on purchase at myweego.com.

This program is in addition to the Members Savings’ program provided to BoatU.S. members.

A national Weego advertising campaign featuring TowBoatU.S. captains has been implemented for all of 2018 with BoatU.S. Magazine, reaching over one-half million BoatU.S. members.

“Each year, our BoatU.S. 24-hour dispatch centers receive more than 70,000 requests from boaters for on-the-water assistance,” said Adam Wheeler, vice president of towing services, BoatU.S. “The No. 2 reason they call is for a dead battery, translating to thousands of battery jumps every year.”

BoatU.S. needed a reliable, rechargeable power pack that worked every time, all of the time, Wheeler said.

“After testing at some of our busiest locations, Weego 66 met that high standard, so we’ve chosen to make Weego our preferred jump starter for our fleet of 600 towboats,” Wheeler said.

Weego jump starters are capable of jumping 10L gas and 5L diesel engines, offering up to 2,500 peak amps and 600 cranking amps.

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